For Buyer


  • How do i contact seller if I have any enquiry regarding the product or if there is any issue?

You can communicate with the seller personally via chat for further clarification and rectification.

  • Do i need an account as a buyer?

You can browse the listings without the need to register. Registration will only be done once you proceed to contact seller via chat.

  • Who do i contact for enquiry?

You can fill in the contact us form on our website or our app.

  • If i buy from different seller, do i get all together in a package?

No. Items bought from different sellers will be deliver direct to buyer.

  • What are the payment methods available?

The method of payment made will be decided upon by buyers and sellers themselves via chat. Our platform allows both our buyers and sellers to come to an agreement as to which payment method suitable for both parties.

  • As a purchaser/buyer from non listed countries, will i be able to download the app and proceed with payments?

You will be able to download the app and you are highly advised to enquire the seller if he/she allows locally or internationally shipping arrangement before you proceed to deal.

  • If the goods/products received are wrong/damaged item, what should I do?

You can feedback to the seller via chat and if the issue cannot be settle in good terms, you can submit a complaint through contact us form. We will investigate the issue based on case to case basis.

  • Is cash on delivery available?

Payment is made completely between the buyer and seller. Bebe Bargains is not involved in the payment between users, thus there are few suggestion for the payment methods: Bank transfer and mailing, Cash on delivery and Paypal

  • What is BB Refund/Return/Exchange policy?

Bebe Bargains holds no responsible for refund/return/exchange of product as any agreement or arrangement between buyer and seller are based on integrity of both parties.



For Seller


  • Is there a fee to start?

No, you can sign up and start listing for free.

  • How long does it takes for me to get paid?

The transaction done between you and buyer is based on mutual agreement.

  • Can i sell my items internationally?

Yes you can. You will need to log in on different accounts by country, to list products for the other countries.

  • Can i list item other than baby goods and what type of products cannot be listed on Bebe Bargains?

Anything that associates with parenthood and children can be listed on our marketplace.

  • Why should i sell on Bebe Bargains?

Bebe Bargains allows you to sell and connect with parents anywhere around the world with the simplest and easiest way.

  • How do i open an account?

Simply log in using your Facebook credentials and your account is set up in 30 seconds.

  • How do i close my account?

You can simply log out of your account.

  • How do i add inventory?

Click on the circle button on the bottom right, to upload more products.

  • How do i know when i have sale?

A willing buyer will initiate a chat with you and you will be prompted by notification.

  • Can i meet up with the buyer?

Yes. We allow flexibility on how the deal shall be done upon both buyers and sellers agreement.

  • As seller, is there a special courier/postal service required to use when sending products to buyer?

No. Any form of service on sending the product to buyer will be based on both buyer and seller agreement.